Serrania Park, Woodland Hills

A Woodland Hills gem, Serrania Park is one of my favorites. It’s a great spot for dog walking, picnicking and playing.
Set in a natural bowl, surrounded by hills on 3 sides, the main lawn area is bordered by a .5 mile sidewalk loop. A play structure, restrooms and the trailhead for the 2.4 mile Serrania Trail are located here, too. Picnic tables are scattered among the shade trees on the main lawn and 2 additional rolling lawn areas.
Besides the picturesque setting, the rural location also means more wildlife, too, including lots of birds, squirrels, an active gopher population and rattlesnakes when it’s hot.
Although Serrania Park isn’t an officially designated LA Parks & Rec dog park, both the park and the trail are very dog friendly.
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