Choosing the Right Door Color For You

Choosing the right door color can make a big impact in giving guests a first impression of your home! In this video, LA realtor Wende Schoof is explaining the meaning of different door colors and which one fits your personality the best. Keep reading below or watch the video for more info.

Today’s topic I want to share is choosing the right door color for you. Repainting your home is a great way to personalize the space that you live in and there’s no better place to start than your front door. It’s one of the first things that guests will see when they visit your home. So, you want to make a great first impression. Different colors express different things to different people. So, make sure to choose a color that makes the right impression for you. Here’s some tips how to do it.

If you want to show that your home is open and welcoming, warm colors are the way to go. Orange and red are both excellent colors to signal that you’re social, hospitable, and ready to entertain guests. Brown is also a color that signals warmth, reliability, and stability because of its connection to the earth.

Besides these colors, you can also consider changing the material of your door. Door with a wooden finish especially signal their homeowners are generous and down to earth.

If you’re looking to express a more graceful and elegant feeling, black is a wonderful choice that alludes to sophistication and allure. Similarly, white is also a classic front door color that communicates a feeling of orderliness and simplicity to house guests.

Finally, if you want to show people your creativity and boldness, I’d recommend purple and turquoise. Purple front doors are rare but they’re very beautiful and express your willingness to take risks. Similarly, turquoise is a very unique door color that will be sure to catch people’s attention. So, what’s the best front door color? It’s for you to choose. If you’re looking for great resources on paints for your exterior doors, feel free to reach out.

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