Tanaka Farms’ Hana Field, Costa Mesa

What can grow up to 12 feet high and make you smile? Sunflowers! When I think of happy flowers,  sunflowers always come to mind.  And if you would like to get your own bouquet of happiness, then Tanaka Farms’ Hana Field in Costa Mesa is the place to go. Exiting the freeway and driving through the usual suburban setting of office parks, you’ll be surprised to see the sunflower fields suddenly pop up. And when you’re surrounded by rows of tall, tall plants, you’ll forget you’re anywhere near our less than rural habitat.

Be sure to check their bloom schedule and reserve your entry to walk through the fields. You can pick your own bouquet to fill large cups and sleeves you can purchase there, and if you don’t bring your own cutting tool, they’ll sell you one and gardening gloves, too. They also have sunflower-related trinkets, honey, and zinnias to bring back home. We think it would be a great place to do a photoshoot! Hana Field definitely makes for a fun and different outing.

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