Beverly Hills Witch House

Besides its noteworthy mansions and estate homes, Beverly Hills is also home to a genuine Witch House – think, where Hansel and Gretel ended up spending some less than quality time.

Known as the Spadena House for a previous owner, the home was originally built for silent films on a movie lot in 1921 and was moved to its current address on Walden Drive in Beverly Hills in 1934. It’s now owned by a local realtor who has attentively restored both the exterior and the interior to carry the theme throughout.

While interior tours are not available, we hear the inside holds such intriguing treasures as a Sweeney Todd-style barber chair, plenty of stained glass windows and Bavarian arched ceilings. There’s plenty to take in on the exterior, from the mystical mote with its wooden bridge to wrought iron ravens to warning signs from “the witch!” And, yes, in Halloweens past, over 4000 Trick or Treaters have descended on this Beverly Hills Landmark in one night!

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