The Chinese Garden at The Huntington – San Marino

The Chinese Gardens at the Huntington are a great, easy destination to absorb a little Chinese culture right in our own “backyard”.  Enhanced by the backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, the surroundings of the classical Chinese Gardens created at The Huntington provide a serene setting to experience the cultural beauty of China.

Emulating the Gardens of Suzhou, near Shanghai, The Huntington’s Garden of Flowing Fragrance offers pavilions and pathways encircling The Lake of Reflected Fragrance, surrounded by Chinese flora and limestone rock formations. Care has been taken to artistically infuse the natural surroundings with Chinese history through calligraphy, Chinese characters and intricate wood carvings throughout.

Beyond the scenery, the garden’s new art gallery, The Studio for Lodging the Mind, is featuring its inaugural exhibit of contemporary calligraphy, A Garden of Words. And you can even round out your experience with some delicious Chinese cuisine at the Jade Court Cafe🥢

The Gardens are just another of the myriad of amazing places to visit in Los Angeles!

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