Calabasas Market Report February 2020

Calabasas House

Calabasas recorded an average sale price of $1,677,891 for February 2020. While that’s an increase of nearly 69% over the February 2019 average sale price, it’s an almost 23% decline from the previous month, January 2020. The number of sales inched up from 15 in January 2020 to 18 in February 2020, compared to 16 in January 2019 to 17 in February 2019.

With a current total of 88 Calabasas homes for sale on the MLS, 39 were listed in the previous month. The lowest price home currently for sale is a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom condominium for $420,000. The highest price home is currently a 7 bedroom/10 bathroom chateau listed for $32,000,000.

Take a look below to see the latest sales activity for the prior month and year, along with current and past year-to-date statistics for market activity in Calabasas. Click on the image below or here to view the full report.

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