How Long Will It take to Sell My Home?

How long does it take to sell my home? It depends on the market you’re in, but start-to-finish can take around 6 weeks. When planning to sell your home, it’s important to create a timeline with your agent in order to account for all parts of the process, including full exposure to the market. After accepting the offer, a few weeks are usually necessary for the post-sale procedures and paperwork. Keep reading below or watch the video for more info.

A lot of sellers ask me when I meet with them, how long is it going to take to sell my home? The answer right now in our current seller’s market is, hey, you want me to get the sign out of the back of my car? I’ll stick it out in front of your house, and you’ll have an offer tomorrow. So, one answer could be a day.

In other markets, of course, things move a bit more slowly, and it can take a little more time. In all seriousness, it really depends on how much preparation is going to go into the sale of your home.

Most of the time, people’s homes aren’t just ready for someone to come along and put a sign out and get it sold, let people in and see it immediately. So, one of the things that I like to do with my sellers is sit down and create a timeline based on not only what type of preparation would make the most sense to get you the amount of money that you want for your home, but also the timeline that it’s going to take you to where you want to go when your home is sold, and you’re ready to move out. So, we’ll sit down and look at the calendar and look at all the facets that are involved in preparing the home for sale and really, that could be anywhere from, again, maybe a day to several weeks, doing painting and all that type of prep.

There’s also a little of time that is going to be taken up from when someone puts in an offer on the home. So, before that, we want to give it a full exposure to the market and give time for buyers, potential buyers to come in and take a look at it. That can really be anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks depending on what the market is.

In addition to that, once you do have an offer that you’ve accepted, there’s going to be some couple of weeks of time usually, at least, for paperwork to be done and for the process to go ahead and flow through. So, for instance, there usually needs to be an appraisal if there’s a mortgage for the buyers. The buyers also need to have ample time to do their investigation of the property, so they become familiar with it, warts and all. And then finally, all the escrow paperwork needs to be filed as well.

So, really the answer to that question could be 1 day but more likely, it’s going to be at least 2 weeks and maybe a month to six weeks. So, I’d say average is probably about from start to finish six weeks.

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