Property Taxes – No Darn Fooling Around

Property Taxes – No Darn Fooling Around You’re going to want to share this video about property taxes with anyone who just bought a home or is thinking about buying a home ๐Ÿ ย Wende chats with Blake Schinto from Progressive Title about one of the responsibilities of home owning – property taxes. In case you missed the reminders, property taxes were due here in California on November 1st. If you haven’t paid yours yet, don’t worry – you still have a few more days left ๐Ÿ“†

If you recently purchased a home and paid the taxes current through escrow, you most likely received a supplemental property tax bill for the increase in appraised property value. If you haven’t yet received that supplemental bill, be forewarned you’re still responsible for paying it on time.

Want to know an easy way to remember when to pay your property taxes? Watch the video.ย Contact me if you need help finding your supplemental bill or anything about property taxes.

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